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Introducing a new quiz section to help you assess your knowledge in the project management domain.


1) What are ‘faits accomplis’?

Accomplished objectives

Decisions made earlier that limit the options for decision making

Strategic decision forcing the project to crash

Project completed with satisfactory performance


2) What are ‘smart’ objectives?

Objectives that have specific, measurable, assignable, realistic, time-related specifications

Objectives that should be achieved in order to attain formal recognition

Objectives specified with far more detail than necessary for a successful project

Objectives that have special, measurable, attainable, role oriented, tested for specifications


3) Constrained Optimization methods of project selection include:

Benefit–cost ratios

Subjective analysis

Scoring models

Multi-objective programming algorithms


4) Which of the following statements about ‘Standard’ & ‘Regulations’ is NOT correct?

The influence of standards and regulations on a project is always known

Standards after widespread adoption may become de-facto regulations

Standards is a document approved by a recognized body & there can be multiple standards for a product

Regulations are mandatory where as standards are preferred


5) A project management team is evaluating the causes that might contribute to unsatisfactory performance and quality. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE?

Normal process variation is attributable to normal causes

Special causes are unusual events

Special causes are easier to predict and handle than random causes

A process can be optimized to limit the bandwidth of variations due to random causes


Quiz Master: Nitin Shende, PMP, IPMA-D, DBM (UK), Qualified Lead
Auditor & Vice President, Vinsys IT Services (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Website: http://projectmanagement.vinsys.in/
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