February 2018 Contest

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Winner of the Previous Short Takes Contest

Congratulations, Vishu Srinivasamurthy!

Q. What has been the role of your mentor in your life??

A. My mentor inspired me to - a) Look within and uncover the transformative potential of thought leadership b) Challenge the status quo and progressively raise the performance bar both for individual growth and the collective good of the organization c) Take charge of my career, gather courage to take paths less travelled, and invest in myself to maximize my leadership potential that will inspire my team members

Congratulations, Harati Kappari!

Q. What has been the role of your mentor in your life??

A. Though I have a strong academic background, I was not initially confident in conversing in english, since my medium of study was not English. My husband was a great support and mentor at the time. According to him, the rule of thumb to success was to 'be confident and make sure others understand the essence.' He forced me to talk in English when we went to grocery stores or we were in the US. Soon I started growing comfortable in communicating in English. I got my first job in a good billing per hour role, and since not looked back. He now considers me ahead of him on how I handle things but he still remains my go-to person for important presentations.